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My Dark Places by The Television Personalities

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Reviewed on 5th March 2006.


My Dark Places

By The Television Personalities

Well at least we know there's no chance of The Television Personalities' mainman Dan Treacy getting prosecuted under the Trade Descriptions Act for this album. "My Dark Places" is exactly that - a collection of 16 songs which, well let's just say if you're easily depressed then this might not exactly be an ideal album for you.

The surprising thing is that it's actually a decent album, drifting between council estate squalor ("Special Chair"), stark piano balladry ("I'm Not Your Typical Boy"), wistful reflection ("I Hope You're Happy Now") and the occasional well-timed burst of sunlight into the gloom ("Velvet Underground", probably the best song on here).

If there's a criticism to be levelled, it's that occasionally Treacy does sail perilously close to the waters of Pete Doherty and Nathan Barley on songs like "All The Young Children On Crack". But the quite beautiful closing duo of "No More I Hate You's" and "There's No Beautiful Way To Say Goodbye" pretty much swing things back in this one's favour. If you want to see where half the chancers on the indie scene today copped their moves from, this is a good place to start.



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