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Reviewed on 1st November 2003.



By Mohair

'Brown Eyes Blue' opens with an acoustic guitar part that sounds like a speeded up version of Green Day's 'Time Of Your Life'. The small frown that furrows my brow is quickly dispersed as this song blossoms into a bouncy and cheerful romp laden with horns and nice shouty vocals. The vocals have a pleasant slight husk to them and the glow of the organ leads us nicely into the tumbling drum part as a banjo (I think!) adds a little colour in the background. Mohair's general disposition can be highlighted by lines such as "...the pictures of our family on the fireplace will compliment the ornaments we choose", quirky, happy and jolly good fun.

The second track 'Something To' seems to have come along a few months too late. The lazy verses are perfect for lounging in the grass under the hot sun whilst the choruses with sweet harmonies would soon have you up and merrily skipping around. If these two tracks are an accurate measure of Mohair's worth then I eagerly anticipate purchasing their album as they should provide a fine antidote to the coming cold winter months with their warm tunes and cheerful disposition.



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