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A Guide To Nursery Rhymes by The French Defence

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Reviewed on 16th March 2006.


A Guide To Nursery Rhymes

By The French Defence

I have had my fair share of criticism of late. Some so called "Intellectuals" have branded my views as 'sub-standard', 'shod' and 'Pig-headed'. Well screw those animals to hell! If they think they can catch me on my side of the Island then they're defective, aren't they Piggy... Piggy?

But here's the catch right, I have experience. I have listened to a lot of unsigned music, read a lot about unsigned music, and seen a lot of unsigned bands. I get off on this because I find unsigned music more interesting than all the signed acts around today. Unsigned bands have the freedom to say what they want, live how they want and dream their lives away however they want. As the listener, all we have to do is be able to understand their angle through sounds and words.

Alas, there's only a certain few who really get it; and each 3 spent is Roulette. Now, The French Defence... they have got it. Immediately I like this band.

The press release is short, snappy, no bullshit.

The artwork is subtle, simple, but stylish.

The music is the best I've heard whilst reviewing.

Everything about 'A Guide to Nursery Rhymes' is stripped down to the bone. A beautiful voice accompanied by sparkling melodies is always going to out-trump big $'s spent on production; and the earthy sound which flows through this demo suites Mr Owen Lloyd and his minstrels to the ground, allowing him to invite the listener into a world where B & S rule and love is all.

Titles such as 'So Much for the Summer', 'Here To Hug You' and 'Kitchen Confidential' are straight out of the whimsical name generator (www.WNG.megacom), but even the hardest of hearts cannot deny the quality of the song writing, and ultimately you will surrender.

The accompanying notes suggest that Mr Lloyd would like to re-record certain tracks at a later date. If you touch 'Purity Test' I will be forced to... erm... get a little cheesed off, maybe pick up a guitar, write a song called 'Please Don't Be Mean'... and... and... Connotate.

I would like to leave an element of mystery to this review, as to encourage ear-time to the 'Intellectuals' who frequent this site. The Olive branch is there. Suddenly The French Defence makes absolute sense, and maybe those Frogs had it sussed all along. Pacify.

Now if I could just get off this Island... Dr Dreg and the Skivvies.



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On 4th April 2006 at 22:36 Anonymous 4015 wrote...

Excuse me.

I don't care about the first three paragraphs of this review.


On 25th April 2006 at 12:34 Anonymous 5643 wrote...

"I don't care about the first three paragraphs of this review."

I'm sure Dregs will be mortified...



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