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In Colour by The Concretes

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Reviewed on 16th March 2006.


In Colour

By The Concretes

Those misguided by huge amounts of airplay and a marketing strategy based around the novelty of their hair and belt size, will tell you that the current kings of the sunny folk-indie scene are The Magic Numbers. But what na´ve souls they are, particularly when the evidence is this strong and it can not be long before The Concretes enjoy similar plaudits. In Colour is a glorious album bathed in light and smiles. Everyone should have a list of albums to cater for various moods and here is the only one you'll need for the category called "Happy-happy joy-joy". From the opening majestic pop harmonies of "On the radio" the tone is set and you are helpless in doing anything other than turning it up and grinning. The Concretes' fantastic self-titled debut released in 2004 set the band's stall out with a mixture of the pop and the brood, but here all the pleasure comes from the upbeat and what pleasure it is. "Change in the weather" and "Chosen One" chime out like some kind of folk Motown. "Your Call" receives a guest vocal from the aforementioned Magic Numbers' Romeo, while "Fiction" pounds along to a resounding crescendo. Even on the more melancholic moments such as "Tomorrow" the feeling is defiant rather than downbeat. Victoria Bergsman's broken English style only serves to give her the perfect vocal, curling her vowels and occasionally slurring the odd consonant in an enticing fashion. Finding a weak moment just isn't on the cards and the album rolls along to a fitting summer time ending with the ironically titled "Grey Days". Closers "Ooh La La" and "Song for the songs" desperately need a cold beer and BBQ accompaniment as if the producer said "Shall we use this button... it's called: Bring on the sun?" The symphony effect the band pull off, due it would seem to having at least one person in the band who can play any instrument ever invented, makes sure that the glorious pop becomes glorious epic and not just throw away. So if you are having a bad week, you are not opposed to all things happy and you can't wait until the weather warms up... then by now you should know what to do.



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