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Reviewed on 18th March 2006.



By Nightmare Of You

Eggs in one basket time - quite simply Nightmare Of You are going to be the biggest thing in rock come 2007. If you haven't stumbled across New Jersey's Nightmare Of You yet, you'll find it impossible to escape once this debut LP finally drops in the UK on the 27th March. Personally it has been in my possession since the New Jersey quartet's brief but oh so spectacular live jaunt in November and rarely a day has passed without one of their sublime slices of emo pop span around my CD player. The world is Nightmare Of You's oyster and when, rather than if, the mainstream  pick up on them, lord knows how far they'll go.

Performing superb vocal duty stands former Movielife guitarist Brandon Reilly which begs the question as to why his talents weren't harnessed to much potential on any of his previous outfit's releases as he can definitely do more than just lurk in the background. On top of the excellent, striking vocals, musically they could be described as the missing link between The Killers and (that old chestnut) The Smiths with further far flung input from bands like My Chemical Romance, Jimmy Eat World and Alkaline Trio, but that doesn't come close to gratifying the sheer weight and depth and scope of the fan base Nightmare Of You will attract.

They take the best bits of every band they borrow from and still come out smelling of roses, discarding the traits that certain fans deem unfavourable in respect to the respective bands. They are interesting, effervescent characters (unlike Brandon Flowers and co.), they don't wear make up (see ya later MCR) and it's a million miles away from tried and tested soppy emo music, yet it could still be said it holds some of that genre's characteristics. It's a huge, brimming, glorious melting pot of ideas and sounds that make for an exceedingly enjoyable listening experience. On top of more contemporary comparisons there is a huge vein of 80's dive-bombing straight through the heart of their material. Robert Smith and the almighty Morrissey can be seen jiving approvingly off in the distance somewhere. This is most blatant on album highlight and song that WILL break the band -  'My Name Is Trouble'. 80's synths, elongated vocal leanings and a high tempo yet tinged with sadness chorus. "This is the last time that I'll hold your hand, I want to kiss you on the mouth and tell you I'm your biggest fan" all combine to create an anthem that 2006 may very well be remembered for.

Continually apt and meaningful lyrics flood the record time and time again, ranging from delving into the realms of politics and warmongering on 'Heaven Runs On Oil' ("Pray that our deaths won't be in vein, or in the name of gasoline") to rather explicit details of "Just because he can make you cum with his hands, it doesn't mean that he'll be your romance" on staggeringly good 'Thumbelina'. It's not totally original but it's heartfelt and delivered like they mean it and in the end that's what counts. In their self titled debut album they indisputably possess one of the best, not just debut, but albums full stop, of the year. It's scientifically proven to be impossible to not to be blown away or at the very least entertained by every single song and the whole package is just unbelievable. From opener 'The Days Go By Oh So Slow' to before mentioned closer 'Heaven Runs On Oil' it's irrepressible. It may as well be strapped in to your CD player. They'll be no skipping tracks, if you buy into one song you buy into them all. If you never believe anything I say ever again believe this - you need Nightmare Of You in your life.



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On 21st March 2006 at 15:52 Anonymous 5323 wrote...

I've had this album for ages, and although i feel i shouldn't like it, i do. The only track i don't like is Thumberlina which reminds me of Busted or some other shitty band of that ilk. Other than that, it's great fun.

They will be big, no question about it.


On 25th March 2006 at 15:03 Dave LMS wrote...

Yeah, I like them too.

I checked them out following some of Luke's earlier live reviews which recommended them to me. And I'm glad I did.



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