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The Revenge Of... by Fuji Heavy

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Reviewed on 20th March 2006.


The Revenge Of...

By Fuji Heavy

Right from the get-go, Fuji Heavy's crazy Garage-Space-Punk fires a rifftastic rocket straight up your arse. Seconds in, and Bob Ross is already off on one, ranting about what's on his face (or something equally bizarre). This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship...

'Sunburn' is a great start to a dazzling EP which is over before you know it. Your average song has a few verses and chorus thrown in for good measure, whereas Fuji Heavy seem to favour just chucking three or four awesome choruses together without bothering to take it down a notch. Distorted yelping, a catchy riff and some heavy tub thumping generate more energy than a 12 hour sex-athon between two Duracell bunnies (AND they're at it like rabbits). On top of this, the keyboards succeed in adding that spacey dimension to the music.

Like the Monkey's 'I Bet that you look good on the dancefloor...', 'Looking for cash' launches straight into a meaty opening riff. This tune's a real clap-along affair with the understated vocals providing a good contrast to the first track. But Ross just can't restrain himself and, like Howlin' Pelle Almqvist (The Hives), frantically barks his way into another great chorus. This time the keyboards create a sound like an octopus going mental with 8 pairs of scissors. Marvellous!

'Intergalactic Love' lets Bryn Maybe's bass guitar in on the act before the jangly guitars and other-worldly vocals take centre stage. The bass fights back though, and these cool little windows of stripped-down strings give you just enough time to catch your breath. It's like a 25th Century version of Blur's 'Boys and Girls', only this time without the keyboards.

'Wicked Ways' rounds things off with the sort of brilliant, simple riff that Franz Ferdinand would be proud to call their own. In fact, it has a hint of 'Darts of Pleasure' about it, but with Deep Purple-style organ adding more Fuji Heavy originality. Other bands just wouldn't have come up with such madcap genius, save for, maybe, the Kaisers.

Two-and-a-bit minutes later it it's all over and you'll find yourself begging the stereo for an encore that never comes. But don't panic, just do what I did. Back to track one then... 



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