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CVA by Paint It Black

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Reviewed on 11th November 2003.



By Paint It Black

Paint It Black - US four-piece hardcore outfit featuring Dan Yemin and David Wagenshutz from Kid Dynamite / Good Riddance fame. These boys sound a little ticked off about something or another so decided to write an album of 17 songs spanning about 18 minutes to let you know about it.

First Song "Cannibal" is an audible assault; a wake up call to the hardcore kids out there. Fast, sharp, driving guitars over relentless über-tight drumming with aggressive but melodic vocals not unlike Ensign in full rock out mode. The next song, "Anaesthesia", doesn't disappoint either - a little poppier than the first track but still heavy as you like, with an awesome hooky ending chorus. It's just a shame it's only 45 seconds long.

Self-confessed PE Hardcore sounding (pre emo) you won't find any sob stories of "she wore blue eye shadow, on the night of the prom when she dumped me for my brother" sort of carry on. What you do get though is excellent political and thought provoking lyrics, also some commentary on the state of the hardcore scene.

The appropriately titled "Atticus Finch" is a healthy dig at the sort of pre-packaged, sanitized toss that passes for hardcore at the moment... which is nice.

Best tracks have to be "CVA" just for the awesome ending chant of "Guess what? I'm apparently not, too young to die?!" mmmmmmmm tingly back. "Void", for some quality Propagandhi chugging and octave chord rifforama similar to new Good Riddance stuff. Finally "Less Deicide more Minor Threat" purely for the title alone.

If you like hardcore in the vein of Striking Distance and Bane then this is an essential buy for you. Only fault is it's only 18 minutes long.



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