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The Trip: Compiled By Joey Negro by Various Artists

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Reviewed on 26th March 2006.


The Trip: Compiled By Joey Negro

By Various Artists

Joey Negro is described in his biography as the "master of all things dance-floor and credible", which he probably is if you live in the kind of world where you refer to the act of making love as making sweet music and you don't mean it as a joke. Else you happily use words like "groove" and "baby" in everyday conversation without feeling like an idiot, in fact you actually think it increases your cred. The Trip series from Family Recordings continues with a selection from the DJ of many faces. Most compilation CDs these days are just about soulless enough to make you buy the rope and find the tree but thankfully this is not a venture solely driven by the bucks. Instead this is more a mix tape from a good friend and in this case a friend who is already a professional at putting together mixes. The 38 songs split across 2 CDs seamlessly roll along in a smooth cloud of funk, soul, disco and groove with the occasional pop classic and piece of bond film incidental music thrown in for good measure. In his Negro guise, real name Dave Lee (who once made Re-light My Fire a hit for Take That) has a great ear for blending tracks together that previously seemed poles apart. Effortlessly barriers between cool funk snares and big eighties synth drums are shattered and although there is the odd duff track along the way such as best forgotten soul-man Omar or the grim Springfield versus Pet-shop boys collaboration, for the most part it's a relaxed and pleasurable ride. Hard to know who this will appeal to other than fans of Negro's DJ mixes and tastes but Disc 2 will add an air of comfort to any Sunday morning and you will spend the rest of the day whispering "nice" or "tasty" in your best Isaac Hayes voice.



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