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The Trip: Compiled by Jarvis Cocker and Steve Mackey by Various Artists

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Reviewed on 26th March 2006.


The Trip: Compiled by Jarvis Cocker and Steve Mackey

By Various Artists

Hold on those of you who suddenly got excited at the thought of a Pulp spin off group featuring messrs Cocker & Mackey, this is simply another installement in Family Recordings "The Trip" series. The motive behind these compilations is unclear from the press release that wasn't provided so you're welcome to fantasise about the reasons why these two Sheffield uncles of Indie were chosen to curate. This 35 song collection is a fascinating glimpse in to the minds of one of the greatest Indie bands of the 90's. There will be no immediate answers to questions such as "what was the inspiration behind Common People?" but there are plenty of pointers to the kind of material that has shaped and coloured the worlds of Cocker and Mackey over the years. Songs with stories and meaning whipped together with good old fashioned tunes. There certainly is an air of sexiness which spans the compilation, but of course it is more the real world grubby handed tales of life so reminiscent of Pulp's own work.

Again it is difficult to know who will buy this other than devotee Cockerites but with an ample smattering of quality it's worth a dabble if only to say you own a compilation CD which finds The Fall, Gene Pitney, Screeming Lord Such and The Everly Brothers side by side.



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