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Exit English by Strike Anywhere

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Reviewed on 17th November 2003.


Exit English

By Strike Anywhere

It's true what they say about first impressions, they do. Last that is. I first heard Strike Anywhere during our yearly pilgrimage to Newquay and shit, it was like a smack in the mouth (well I suppose it wasn't like a smack in the mouth as that would be less than pleasant, but you know what I mean).

Great melodic hardcore in the vein of Propagandhi, Good Riddance and Avail. All with the backdrop of some awesome socio/political lyrics with great hooks and charm. So when I heard they were releasing a new album I was somewhat giddy.

Overall I like the new album, it's ok. It's just slightly disappointing that that's it. It's ok. I was expecting an album to smoke their last album. I expected to be wanting to tear down capitalist institutions with Thomas's anti capitalist war cries. I wanted to be thrilled and adrenalized from track one through to track 12 but alas I wasn't. The whole album has a slightly lacklustre sound to it, even a bit of complacency, which is something I didn't expect to hear from a band that two years ago seemed to be pushing the boundaries and making a new fresh sound to a somewhat stagnant genre.

Like I said I do like this album, there are some great tracks on it - "Lights Go Out" sticks out for the chanty ending and fast pace. "Blaze" is another good track, quick paced, melodic, anthemic vocal hooks, blazing guitar harmonies, sharp breaks and ultra tight. Which is nice.

So what can I say, good but not as good as debut "Change Is A Sound". They're playing in December so I'll take it up with them then.



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