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The Endless Retreat by Modern Day Urban Barbarians

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Reviewed on 29th November 2003.


The Endless Retreat

By Modern Day Urban Barbarians

It is well known that sometimes the albums that you find the most challenging on a first listen will later prove to be one of the best you own. It takes time to attune your ear to the nuances of the songs, it takes time to realise the subtleties of the melody, and it takes time for you to join the band on their wavelength. No amount of time will ever let me join Modern Day Urban Barbarians on their wavelength.

Are they being pretentious or can they genuinely not play their instruments? The former me thinks! With deadpan lyrics that stink of self-importance and songs that sound as if they were worked out during a hard night of drinking and other substances... "Hey man just leave the tape running... hey dude why don't you play the bass and I'll play the drums?"

If the intention was to make an album no one would enjoy and would challenge even the hardiest of music fans then they have succeeded hands down. In fact to produce an album as nasty as fingers down a blackboard takes immense dedication. Just imagine mixing it! At best this is art, but if you struggle to understand the Turner prize and the art of making a statement then steer well clear.



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