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The Dark Art of Happiness by Ludes

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Reviewed on 31st March 2006.


The Dark Art of Happiness

By Ludes

Mediocrity is the scourge of reviewer world. You get neither the smug superior satisfaction of first discovery, nor the cathartic expunging of self hate, trashing some other kid's dream. So instead you listen, and listen, and listen, trying to cut through the fog.

Safety in facts. Ludes are an indie ska combo from old London town. They are graduates of the squat party scene now looking for a shot at the big time with their debut album on Double Dragon Music.

Music. At some point you should talk about the music. Opener Badlands is brief but blistering except for an unnecessary ska breakdown. Single Never Had A Chance is forgettable. Sailor Boy borrows the rumbling bass of The Bangles "Walk Like An Egyptian" but fails to match it. Ludes finally hit their stride too late with the punky Dog Don't Bark and the restrained Green Eyes.

Name dropping helps the information bombarded consumer to thin-slice the review down to a manageable five second scan. Appropriate points of reference are the Epitaph cash cows of the mid 90s (Rancid, The Offspring, Pennywise) as well as some previous London success stories (The Libertines, The Clash). Just not as good. Bottom line, you don't need this cluttering up your record collection.

Sign off with a knowing line that displays the required mix of indifference and hipster knowledge. Ludes are known to be a traditional cure for insomnia.



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On 9th April 2006 at 00:18 Anonymous 5609 wrote...

Truly the worst review I have ever read. People who take on board anything said in this article may as well chop their ears off or dedicate their lives listening to the worzels back catalogue.


On 9th April 2006 at 00:20 Anonymous 5609 wrote...

P.S. This is one of the most amazing albums I have ever heard. Try it



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