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Blood and Peanut Butter by BC Camplight

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Reviewed on 31st March 2006.


Blood and Peanut Butter

By BC Camplight

This record has irritated me for the last few weeks, not because it is bad, quite the opposite in fact. The reason being that the B-side, Parapaleejo, sounds so familiar I'm sure there's another song that sounds exactly like it... what that song is, I can't tell you. I asked family, friends, DJs, promoters, journalists and record store clerks to listen to it but none of them came up with the song I was thinking of. I decided that going out onto the streets of Leeds with my CD player asking complete strangers to listen to this piece of music and tell me what the song I was thinking of was, might be taking things a bit far so the mystery remains unresolved (answers on a postcard... there might be a reward for saving me from a straight-jacket).

Anyway, whilst my search might have been fruitless, it has given me a few comparisons that I hadn't thought of. BC Camplight sounds like a mix of the Beach Boys, ELO, Syd Barrett, Ben Folds, Of Montreal, The Shins and the Olivia Tremor Control. The A-side, Blood and Peanut Butter has a slight fuzzy electro feel to it but once it gets going you soon realise it's a joyous pop melody with hints of darkness in the vocals and lyrics which give the songs more depth. The songs are instantly accessible and progress well although in places the melody can be a little cheesy, this is the only criticism. They're well otherwise well structured and written and maintain interest even after several listens.



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