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Reviewed on 30th November 2003.



By Jarcrew

Five-piece synth rock pop metal punk thrash disco outfit Jarcrew have been regulars at every shite venue you can imagine for a couple of years now. Always a refreshing sight on any bill, their stage performance is energetic at worse dangerous and unpredictable at best. This is their first full lengther and proves to be a solid start.

Opener "Money Shot" eases you in nicely enough, synth sort of intro crescending into an angular rock climax. Second song "Paris and the New Math" is definitely the crowd pleaser, beginning with smooth melodic guitars over a backwards disco beat, it's catchy as hell, the chorus is fantastic, anthemic sing along feel good rock and roll.

Others that caught my ear have to be "Komputer" as I'm a sucker for fuzzed up guitars with shouty vocals over a fast beat, the epic "Bill Carson", it's like a hot bath, uncomfortable at first but as soon as you relax it can be quiet intoxicating. It reminds me of "Disco Volante"-era Mr Bungle, with its mellow start, working slowly up to some fast driving guitars and then dropping off to nothing, minimalist guitars over an intricate drumbeat. Then again working its way back up, again so slowly you don't even notice until its so intense that you realise you've been staring in the same spot for nigh on five minutes, taken away by it all. Excellent.

There are some dodgy bits on here, mostly to do with the mix and mastering but are small enough not to need any other mention. Overall this is a fantastic album definitely in the top ten favourites of this year. Put it on your Xmas list now!



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