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Come On, Let's Go! by Swimmer One

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Reviewed on 1st December 2003.


Come On, Let's Go!

By Swimmer One

Swimmer One have made a perfect piece of pop to be released on December 1st. It has a beautiful video that could make you cry all on its own. The tune springs along in an upbeat Scottish Blue Nile meets Chemical Underground sort of way. Happy and sad at the same time, the lyrics touch on loss and death with no cause for alarm, but some promise of contentment. The song has the genius of simplicity and the mass appeal of smooth edges. It would be so good to look up at the video in a bar one day and see Daniel Warren's award winning film "The Unnameable Disco" being screened. It was made at Dance Space in Edinburgh with real people in their own dance classes, each to the beat of "Come on, let's go!" It's sexier and more poignant than anything I've seen on the telly for yonks.

Two extra tracks show off the range and quality of Swimmer One: "Lake Tahoe" uses a slightly too long voice sample; But it does comment on cocaine use in a gently sceptical way. "How could something like that be love?" has the crystal sharp voice of Cora Bissett and should be a single in its own right.



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On 2nd December 2003 at 12:05 Anonymous 1455 wrote...

Hello grapple fans - just found a review of this track here - not sure how it ended up here tho - i heard it at the weekend when i was visiting friends in Scotland. It is great - one of the best thigs i've heard in ages and as they say in the review - the film is just the most emotional thing i've seen in ages.

Has anyone seen this for sale locally? You can buy it online but i'm not into that at the moment.

onwards - tony



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