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Gig review of Jon Gomm + Gallo

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Reviewed on 14th April 2006.


Jon Gomm

Live at New Roscoe on Wednesday, 12th April 2006

This is the second time I have seen Gallo and I like them more every time. The female duo have a lot of talent between them and use guitar and saxophone to produce some lovely funky, jazzy, blusey medleys, topped off with an angelic, but strong voice that you have to notice. I think the girls were pissed off at the rude people at the back who would not shut up (- why are you at the gig again?) but they ignored it and carried on belting out the catchy songs, like the ever true 'Wasted' from debut album 'Sleeping Peeping Laying Playing'.

Next for the jaw-dropping talent of Jon Gomm. Seriously now if you haven't seen this Leeds six-string whizzkid you need to. Using a single guitar (and an effects pedal on his voice occasionally) he produces the sound of a three-piece band, managing the rhythm, bassline and drum track by plucking, hitting and tapping the guitar strings and body. I can't really describe it; you have to see his virtuoso style live. Starting with some tracks using all of his techniques like the slow 'Wait in Vain' and the brilliant 'Stupid Blues' he was constantly tuning and de-tuning the guitar throughout his songs as part of the sound. Jon has a strong voice with a good range to match his guitar playing skills. In-between song banter is funny too, sometimes without meaning to be. I bought his album 'Hypertension' but again you have to check him out live to appreciate his talent. Apart from his own varied songs he covered Jimi Hendrix in a medley towards the end of the second part of his long set and my favourite cover 'High and Dry' by Radiohead.



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Jon Gomm

Singer-songwriter and virtuoso guitarist, described by Acoustic Magazine as "One of the world's most successful, gifted and inspirational guitar players"

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