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Dance, Dance by Fall Out Boy

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Reviewed on 18th April 2006.


Dance, Dance

By Fall Out Boy

Three minutes and one second of dramatic, passionate emotional angst-ridden rock and although this sorta thing's not altogether my bag: this is great. A killer drums intro and bass line to draw the listener in and after the first few seconds Wentz et al's plan for domination of the emo world looks set only to gather speed.

A tale of a hopeless romantic chatting up a girl in the hope of getting laid at the end of the night could have sounded pretty bad but Wentz's vocal style really turns this song around. Low and seductive in the verses magnificently builds up to the bridge and the overwhelming climax of emotions that is the chorus. 'She says she's no good with words but I'm worse', a familiar story to many of the male population I'm sure.

'This is the way they'd love/ If they knew how misery loved me': a sharp cry from the heart is it not of a troubled guy who's too ashamed or even scared to share his innermost feelings with a girl he loves, or at least who he thinks he loves. A lyric resonating with millions who sit, alone in their desperation.

Another wonderful line, and not for the reason you might think: 'I only want sympathy in the form of you crawling into bed with me'; sex as the saviour but as is widely known, the reverse can and usually does turn out to be true.

This is the sole reason why Fall Out Boy are global superstars: they write songs anybody can relate, not just the teenagers that mosh along at every sold-out concert. Not only that, but Wentz seems unafraid to share with millions his sleazy, hopeless romantic stories: a characteristic of a real artist, undoubtedly.



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