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You Are What You Love by Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins

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Reviewed on 20th April 2006.


You Are What You Love

By Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins

'You Are What You Love': a beautifully heart-rending account of a life in which the persona of the song is in a strange sorta love with the wrong sorta guy. Although Lewis is a fairly competent songwriter with pleasant musical and vocal arrangements of both herself and the Twins there's something incomplete about the record and I just can't put my finger on it.

Initially, the track is a kind of jolly song you'd imagine yourself singing along to whilst crying over your broken heart on one of your long drives on a country lane at an ungodly hour of the night. But even upon a second listen and the lyrics just seem odd, not poetic like they should with Lewis' artistic licence. For example, 'When I'm with you I'm looking for a ghost': and moving on...

The b-side 'Fireplace' doesn't fair much better and that could be because it sounds exactly like single which begs the unanswerable question: what is Lewis doing? Admired worldwide for her weird yet wonderful (to some) lyricism and distinctive voice in the collective Rilo Kiley as well as her solo outfit, this was a fact not apparent to me at all on this single. I hope the rest of the 'Rabbit Fur Coat' LP is better, considering the whirlwind of hype surrounding it.



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