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How Much Is Enough? by Plastik

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Reviewed on 20th April 2006.


How Much Is Enough?

By Plastik

London trio Plastik are straight down the middle Indie pop-rock merchants, unfazed by scratchy angular scenes that no doubt surround them and standing tall on the back of well written tunes rather than the right look. That isn't to say they haven't spent some time on their hair but fortunately it didn't out weigh that spent penning some belting guitar blasts. Although sounding like Gene brought up to date with pinches of Hard-fi, Muse and Feeder; Plastik are enough their own men and Gareth Moss's vocals are yearning yet cheeky (characteristics that are a certainty to endear).

"The Guest" is excellent stuff and breaks nicely with a Bowie-like change midway through, "The Hunger" spits riffs around the room in a style that will have lovers of current fashion paying attention; while "Bring Me The Head of Robert Howard" shows the band are not afraid to shrug off the formula from time to time. "Up On The Hill" is a fair nod to Radiohead and Muse. "Speech Marks" is a moment for throwing the head back and drinking in the stadium atmosphere contrasted with sweet string plucking closer "London you owe me this much".

As Plastik goes this is Gold Card territory, maybe all that is lacking is a radio friendly three minute hook that could be used to torture, but is that really such a bad thing?



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