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Reviewed on 22nd April 2006.



By Superstar Tourism

Oh Superstar Tourism, they're so sweet! But too much for me I'm afraid. I like music I can connect with and Superstar Tourism just aren't one of those bands. However a personal response should not dissuade you, dear reader from searching out this lovely musical collective. Some might like this and 'each to their own' all the way.

A xylophone introduction: a novel way to begin but even more unconventional are the lyrics 'I'm an action figure, I can fly off the TV'. The music I'm trying to describe is, I'm sure lovely but the opposite effect is had upon me as all of the 'loveliness' amounts to a shiver down my spine.

So maybe Superstar Tourism won't shower me with tea and biscuits as they so na´vely promised, for this music journalist was left cold.



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