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Untitled by Flaccid Soapher

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Reviewed on 1st January 2002.



By Flaccid Soapher

Flaccid Soapher are a four piece rock'n'roll band from Halifax. They call themselves experimental, but the sound on this CD is straight down the middle smalltown heavy guitar music built in four bar chunks with a blues foundation. It couldn't be simpler. This is no frills no pretensions and no nonsense music.

Flaccid Soapher is a band that would hold its own in any pub gig and help to cook up expectations for a flashier more ambitious band to follow. The playing is honest enough to make the cut. The songs are standard self-penned stuff. "I want to leave this town. People here bring me down" . Every young guitar band for the last thirty or forty years has written a version of "got to get away" (track 1) and they've all used the same rhymes. Face and place come to mind. And they all have a line about a ticket in my hand. But this lot turn it up fresh again. It's better than doing covers.

"Falling backwards" and "Unwanted foe" are tracks 2 and 3. I'm not sure if I would recognise them in the live set, but they make the point that the band are consistent and creative enough to present a full set of worthwhile music. They really sound as though they enjoy playing guitars: always a good thing in my book. As a sampler for the band to take round venues this is definitely a passport to getting some good gigs. It's up to them to find an audience for it, though, and it might help if they used an alias for the time being. Flaccid Soapher might be cool once they start bending and flexing the boundaries of sonic possibilities. Right now something like "Stealth Axe" or "Viking Horn" would give a more accurate impression of their sound.



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