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You're Not Supposed To by Field Music

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Reviewed on 29th April 2006.


You're Not Supposed To

By Field Music

Like a pre-emptive strike, Field Music's new single has an accompanying list of things "you're not supposed to do" with the calculated inclusion of "release a cash-in b sides album". The rarities and b-sides collection Write Your Own History, from which this track is taken, strikes me as a bizarre concept for a band which is barely out of its infancy and still struggling for recognition. I guess "cash-in" must be some kind of joke on their record label.

Certainly no one's retiring off the profits on this one. "You're Not Supposed To" is two minutes long but not memorable enough for radio play nor, to be brutal, to have been considered worthy of release as a single. As some will know, drummer Peter Brewis used to play in an earlier manifestation of the Futureheads, yet the sound here is less angular and more like layered pop. I can't help but feel the swirling cello and violin may be of more use on their next album proper.

This single feels as if I'm watching a band in development, trying to react against what they have previously known. At some point you need to take a risk in order to develop and Field Music put out lyrics that sound a warning against stagnation. "Your room remains the same / You're existing in the same place". In trying to evolve I can only say good luck to 'em, but next time tell me when you're done.



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On 1st May 2006 at 13:13 Anonymous 5323 wrote...

I have to agree, i did the review for the B-sides collection and whilst as a whole it wasn't bad, in fact, i prefered it to their first album which i found to be too homogenous. This song was part of the dull first half. They've released the wrong song as a single as, curiously, their older songs from write your own history are much better.

It seems to me, unless they get their act together for the album proper, they're going to die in their infancy.



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