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Nightmares by Architects

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Reviewed on 29th April 2006.



By Architects

Architects are a 5 piece tech metal band from Brighton, who specialise in jarring rhythms, off beat time signatures and foot to the floor, knockout speed. It would be easy for someone to shove them in the same tidy little pigeonhole as Johnny Truant, Dillinger Escape Plan and anyone else remotely technical and challenging, but to do that would be sacrilege.

The album opens with a ferocious blast of dazzling guitar work and scattered rhythms, all tied together by vocalist Matt Johnson's shredding, visceral screams. This is literally the stuff nightmares are made of, discordant, unhinged, disorientated, flashes of clarity sounding more powerful for the chaos that surrounds them. A superb example of this comes about half way through "In The Desert", the albums sixth track. The song itself is all chugging riffs and pinch harmonics, albeit at lighting speed. But at exactly 1 minute 58 seconds it descends into the most amazingly beautiful guitar line with an "I'd do anything..." refrain that almost brought tears it was that touching. Not the sort of thing you'd expect from an album called "Nightmares".

The comparisons to Johnny Truant were bound to come, both are Brighton based bands who have toured together, both peddling a similar kind of terror, but what sets Architects apart is the dynamics, the guts not just to chug for the sake of it. It's that determination that makes Nightmares an absolute marvel. Oh and they're all still only teenagers. The metal world better watch its back, then.



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Architects are a progressive metal/metalcore band from Brighton

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