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Untitled by Clockwork Angst

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Reviewed on 7th May 2006.



By Clockwork Angst

I'll be honest. If this review stinks and subsequently I get annihilated by you good reader folks for not delving deeper, or trying to understand the songs or yabba yabba feckin' yabba then in this case, on this very occasion, it ain't my damn fault. KO?

For I have a veritable stark bollock naked amount of information on this band. They are called Clockwork Angst, and hail from Northwich. But other than that, 5 nameless tracks and some basic info on Myspace that's about yer lot.

It's a shame, really. As their music is pretty damn fine.

It's all about sounds that merge and bond. About collating music styles, about smashing through boundaries and destroying rulebooks. Music can spit fire and crumble walls, its can break and main religions, stereotypes and authority. To ride this dragon, and ride it well takes skill and passion.

I like Clockwork Angst because they preach from these rules, they speak my language. They merge dirty rampant guitars with quirky smooth synths. Harmonious melancholy vocals alongside soul bruising beats and riffs. They sing passionately and play frantic, they tap your feet and nod your head for you. Oh how many bad bands have trod the "lunatic keys pads" route and been trampled and killed. This won't happen here, as the impregnation of the pads into a mental guitar strewn underbelly is simply breathtaking.

Track 3 is grand, I pronounce. It's like musical porn.

Good luck clockwork angst, get yourselves some decent marketing wisdom and get on with it... and on... and on.



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