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Reviewed on 7th May 2006.



By The Budda Cakes

Sometimes you can just tell a band's going to be good from their name. These guys call themselves The Budda Cakes so obviously they're gonna be brilliant. In fact, even without listening, I'm going to put my neck on the line and say that they ARE brilliant.

(puts CD in player, takes off hat, takes knife and fork from drawer and prepares to eat it)

It's great. Thank god for that. It's my favourite hat and I didn't really want to have a stomach ache for 3 days (or a woolly shit). You should all go to their site and check out the tunes there. Not only will you discover some great music, but you'll also have the pleasure of pissing around on one of the coolest looking websites this side of howcool-lookingisthiswebsite.com.

The Budda Cakes are pretty weird, very talented and completely unpredictable. They start 'Unnecessary' by stamping around like spoilt little bastards prone to tantrums, shouting 'Leave my room' as they plonk along on a xylophone. The stressed out guitar sounds like a pre-school James Bond theme whilst the singer has a hissy fit about all the things that are going to do his head in as he grows up. Marvellous.

Completely unexpectedly, 'In my arms' is an acoustic song with an almost medieval sound to the opening riff. The plodding beat and talk of sleep makes it a modern lullaby- you can imagine the singer sitting on the end of his bed, guitar in hand, paying quiet tribute to his girl.

'Erections' is stranger still, with the darker elements of Muse, deep bass and a sinister violin creating an uncomfortable atmosphere for the high-pitched vocals to whine over. Clocking in at less than two minutes, the song ends abruptly, as if scared of freaking itself out even further.

'Always' is a more standard effort with good harmony. It's a decent tune although it seems slightly humdrum compared to the schizophrenic songs already showcased. However, it does provide the best lyrics - a bittersweet paean to lost love which is easy to identify with.

'Silence' completes the EP with a floaty, acoustic number fit for late sunny evenings. The contrasting vocals work well and nicely draw things to a close. It's been quite a trip by the time the last not rings out, and one which is going to keep you interested for ages. Until it pops into existence, we can only predict the madness that would come with a full length album.



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