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The Life Pursuit by Belle & Sebastian

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Reviewed on 14th May 2006.


The Life Pursuit

By Belle & Sebastian

After all these years then, it seems Belle & Sebastian are after all, still twee. Would we ever have them any other way though? We'll see...

Opener 'Act of the Apostle' doesn't disappoint, and stretches out in the same way that lead single 'Funny Little Frog' does. It's different to previous album 'Dear Catastrophie Waitress', less 'poppy' and immediate, more thoughtful and intelligent. 'White Collar Boy' tells the story of a rogue on the run from the law, but less in the acoustic world of David Grayness and more in a dirty electronic slither of Goldfrapp. Indeed, if the Frappsters had wrote it, it would be their best song. Missed that chance there then fools.

It's the storytelling that is so sharp and back to the form of classic album 'The Boy With The Arab Strap'. 'The Blues are still blue' for example tells us "When I see my washing / The black will be grey and the white will be grey / But the blues are still blue". Much of the album is a light-hearted antidote to the sometimes difficult surroundings of DCW- "I'm the singer in the band / You're the loser, I wont dismiss you out of hand / Cos you've got a beautiful face / It will take you places" Stuart quips on 'Dress Up In You'.

It would be easy to dismiss "The Life Pursuit" just looking at the song titles - 'Another Sunny Day', 'We are the Sleepyheads', 'Song for Sunshine' and 'For the Price of a Cup of Tea' all convey overt tweeness. Dismiss at your peril though foolhardy souls. Inside the light world of Belle & Sebastian there are still sexual innuendos, murders and swear words!!! All okay for now, but just wait till they're big enough and they need a parental advisory sticker!

Twee. We wouldn't have them any other way.



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