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Comments of the Inner Chorus by Tunng

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Reviewed on 18th May 2006.


Comments of the Inner Chorus

By Tunng

To describe Tunng as folk would be for the large part inaccurate, but they are currently to be found categorised in the nu-folk movement, a genre name that conjures up mental images of ex-Limp Biscuit members Morris Dancing in a bitch slapping manner. Anyway Tunng, gladly are anything but. The term Folktronica seems to find most favour but there are ample doses of tender Indie and plain old summery pop without the saccharin ingredients. Tunng's soundscapes buzz, click and sparkle with an endless array of percussive devices and samples that would just be too girly for the Aphex twin. All of this is held neatly together by the acoustic plucking and soft chanting at the core of all Tunng's songs. Each song is its own little adventure, growing and bursting into life like a time-released film of an emerging seedling. Despite this broad array of sounds the feeling is one of depth and never being over egged. Occasionally the band conjure up comparisons with early Beta Band work although never as aggressive and on songs such as the sweet "Jenny Again" a laid bare Badly Drawn Boy.

Smattered with samples from 70's kids TV there is a reminder of more innocent days and although it probably isn't it would be nice to imagine "The Wind Up Bird" is about Bagpuss. "Woodcat" is pure warm aired pop with its "We all had a lovely time" chorus line and despite being about the transformation of a girl into a hare makes perfect sense. "Red and Green" replaces traditional percussion with a collection of R2 D2 beeps to good effect. "It's Because ...We've Got Hair" is a foot tapping chant. Only on "Sweet Willow" does the band really expose their full folk armoury but there are no vegetable shows and cake stalls here. This is a quality second album and will keep Tunng up there in the critically recommended charts. Seek this album out this summer for a little bit of Tunng and groove accompaniment to your mellow warm evenings.



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On 19th May 2006 at 13:11 Anonymous 3028 wrote...

What a Lovely Review Mr Garnett...

It was a pleasure to read.


On 19th May 2006 at 15:36 Anonymous 30 wrote...

And a pleasure to write Mr Dixon



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