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Black Gold by King Biscuit Time

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Reviewed on 21st May 2006.


Black Gold

By King Biscuit Time

I want to buy a cabassa, delve my bear feet into warm sand and let my hair blow around me while the sea breeze tickles my nose. King Biscuit Time and "Black Gold" did this.

Steve Mason's voice delicately steps, hops and skips over your body submerged in contentment, stopping frequently at your fingers and toes so they can tap to the syncopated rhythms on the ground.

Mason takes you on a journey though genres with ease. Your body will vibrate to the Dancehall inspired "Ciam 15", you'll more than likely be temped to add a couple of shoulder shrugs and some rib isolation as you loosen up. A human beat box may be attempted. I stopped on the first endeavour after being covered in my own spit. From the beautifully disjointed up tempo popiness of "Kwangchow" to the soul soothing "Left Eye" and the gaze inducing "All Over You" the dulcet timbre of Mason's voice seemingly captivates your very being.

The tracks are littered with invigorating crescendos' that take you to the pinnacle of the musical edge then zoom you back down on an aerial runway and you land amid Mason's oxygen consuming notes. His beauteous vocal harmony gently teases your senses; you don't want him to stop. Alright, maybe sometimes you do, but only when he begins to get a tad repetitive with a couple of the lyrics. "Paperhead" annoyingly repeats the words "and she finds me" too many times to mention (I was tempted to count, on second thoughts I knew this was wrong) I screamed at my stereo "Alright Steve I've heard you!" before instant forgiveness sets in and you drift back into the soft locomotive-like percussive beats. Normal service is resumed.

Riding down the kraut-rock autobahn of "Metal Biscuit" you are oddly transported to an 80's television game show, I half expected Bob Holness to appear, a stark contrast to the previously appeasing tracks and maybe one that wasn't needed, well not in this context anyway.

Lets hope the summer's hot, so we can lie back to be serenaded by King Biscuit Time. Glass of rosť anyone?



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