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What? What You Got? by Little Man Tate

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Reviewed on 23rd May 2006.


What? What You Got?

By Little Man Tate

As the A&R men roll their sleeves up and begin prodding the alleys of Sheffield in search of a Boyzone to Arctic Monkeys' Take That, they could not go too far wrong with this excitable bunch. More tales of beer, bottles of WKD, dirty girls that only exist in teenage boys' hopeful and sordid minds, fist fights in clubs and bottles over heads... Sheffield tourist board must be loving this. "What? What You Got" is jaunty and is good old Indie dance floor fare. The beat just yells "pogo pogo" and the guitars do all the chop-chop chime thing guaranteed to have your air Rickenbacker oiled and ready for use. Fortunately and what stops this being mere throw-away is the fact that Little Man Tate are clearly enjoying themselves and the song writing is actually more mature than their more famous hometown exports. B-side "Young Offenders" is like The Coral on speed with more of the same lyrical content about what a shit hole Sheffield is... tell us something we didn't know.



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On 27th May 2006 at 09:48 Dave LMS wrote...

I've yet to see Little Man Tate, but I've got this single and an earlier one. I think it was based on an article in Sandman or something like that which made me have a listen.

Good band imho, I rather like them.


On 27th May 2006 at 10:35 Anonymous 5619 wrote...

...and excellent live too...



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