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Hello Movement by Death of Fashion

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Reviewed on 30th May 2006.


Hello Movement

By Death of Fashion

New York City envelops and spits out another victim here, unable or unwilling to breathe under its weight of music past. Originally by way of Indiana but now part of the fashionable loft party set, Death of Fashion frustrate by displaying glimpses of promise eventually left unfulfilled.

They are evidently keen students of the game. Death of Fashion aspire to follow the well-worn trail beaten by The Strokes and The Bravery in achieving recognition within the UK scene first. This affords a certain cachet back home. Unoriginality at least comes in novel flavours with the band eschewing post-punk influences in favour of the New York Dolls, The Doors and The Velvet Underground.

The best of the album arrives at the midway point with three consecutive tracks. "These Days", all catchy synths and bass tinged and soured by lyrical regrets, "It's All Ours" an unearthed Johansen/Thunders b-side and then "Left Right", an oddly satisfying combination of Jim Morrison-esque wandering vocals over sporadic baselines, high hats and off-key guitars. A No Wave "Strange Days" if you will.

A recent diary post has frontman Jesse Davis "seized & detained" due to his 10ft balcony climb being considered to be an "attempted suicide" by security at an NYC club show. The band retorts that "Davis' stage presence is one which rides the spirit of the Doors' own late Jim Morrison". This template also has its drawbacks, Death of Fashion have created too many tracks that are as bloated, plodding and tedious as any of The Doors' worst moments.

"Jenny Says" and "Urgency in Harlem" are painfully slow and uncharitably long. The nadir is "Lady Lust", a bizarre and thoroughly unpleasant reworking of Mungo Jerry's "In The Summertime". The album drifts off with ten minutes of tape hiss to remind you that everything was "recorded live in the studio on analogue equipment... for your enjoyment".

Don't be fooled kids, as any record sleeve will tell you, unauthorised duplication is a violation. The originals can be found in any used record store.



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On 5th June 2006 at 03:57 Anonymous 5741 wrote...

You fucked up this is a great record....


On 5th June 2006 at 07:49 Dave LMS wrote...

YOU fucked up - it's called an opinion...


On 6th June 2006 at 21:31 Anonymous 5748 wrote...

simmer down the both of you....everyone has a mind of there own......but yes i also think the album is great! I really like Left Right and Come Alone.



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