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The Bloody Bastard Remixes by GF93

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Reviewed on 1st June 2006.


The Bloody Bastard Remixes

By GF93

I have never heard of GF93, but I've met a lot of bastards in my time. You know the type, the ones who don't have a father. Maybe I shouldn't attend the Annual Test-Tube Babies Enlightenment Supper (ATBES), probably wouldn't meet as many. But last year we found out that my father was in fact Tim the Tosser, as opposed to Wayne the Wanker who was previously accredited to my conception. I'm meeting him for Strongbrew on the park later. Fun-i-kins.

Life stories apart, 'The Bloody Bastard Remixes' is the repugnant offspring of GF93 and various underground Electronic remixers from around the globe. Slut. Out on Mechanism Records, the album took over a year to create and features alternative versions of such GF93 releases as 'Convulse All Star' and 'OSR'.

Relevant info box ticked.

If this were your child you would have already sent him to live in the shed and would have shot yourself in the face with a pistol for creating such a horrible little bastard. This is hard Grime, and for hard Grime you should be doing hard time. Shit rhyme deserves a fine, so I've sent a cheque off to Michael Heseltine.

It's the kind of music you would expect to hear in a Berlin back-alley Gothic nightclub; whilst leather-clad Leiderwhoresen pummel Fat-Cats into an inch of living for a living, and intense tattooed men offer you beer so dense that it could be a small planet. Rich tapestries indeed. It is difficult for me to fully assess this remix album, as I have never heard the originals. It can certainly be placed in the Electronic Metal category as 'Mechanism' claim, with the likes of Al Jourgensen and Godflesh also peddling such wares before them.

For me, the Vanguard remix of '25 Times Fire Devastates' is the standout. Here, the remixer has used a delicate balance of the original track and his own vision to create an atmospheric yet sinister slice of filthy Electronica. Other highlights include 'Lesive' and 'Eight Years', which also manage to strike a balance between band and medium, and could even appeal to your average Linkin Park fan. No offence intended, but I'm talking in terms of commercial success.

I surmise that this is everything you would expect from a GF93 remix album: remixes of GF93 tracks. For me to delve any deeper into its seedy underbelly would be hollow, as I am unable to relate to this genre due to inexperience and blind ignorance.

But I'm not the only one going blind, am I Wayne?

Dr. Egs



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