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Walk On Role EP by Iodo

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Reviewed on 4th June 2006.


Walk On Role EP

By Iodo

Sometimes I find an EP that I really want to love. In the past I've heard great things about this four piece indietronic band, based in Lincoln. After a brilliant debut mini album, released in 2004 'Try To Be' and another self released second album 'This Is Now' (2005) everything about this three track EP should have been aural perfection. The EP even looks perfect on its tiny little CD in its tiny little blue pocket sleeve.

The first track 'Angst' sounds tailor made for a big scene in an independent movie without any humour or endearing awkwardness, but it still fails to impress. This track in particular seemed to drift into some sort of travelling drama group performance ala League of Gentlemen's 'Legs Akimbo' with chants of "Why am I here?" and "It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter settle down." The words just merely exist as another layer of sound and source of rhythm. Not quite poppy, not quite moody, there's just not enough feeling, in any direction it is trying to go, to really make it stick.

The second track 'R.T.A' is a slow, spacey bouncing number, slightly out of step vocally in places, but runs on in an inoffensive way. The context of this track has a certain compelling force with strings of deceptive complexity which is meticulously constructed.

Iodo certainly put their best foot forward with the third tune on the EP with 'Bit Part Actor.' It is a dreamy track that gently stirs but never assaults or bangs.

Kips lyrics and vocals reach towards a quiet inexpressible yearning, but ultimately creates a feeling of relaxation and redemption before sliding off into a quiet place. In all, there just doesn't seem to be as much chemistry as with their previous releases, but 'Walk On Role' does have many nice small moments.

Acoustic guitar is the instrument of choice, but it is backed by pangs of clicks and purrs, fuzzy electric guitar and bass and programmed percussion alternated with punchy lap-pop which is then glazed over with a Hovis sounding cornet, provided by George.

These tunes could stand up as instrumental works alone, but the song writing will not have you singing in the shower. Iodo's progressions is readily apparent, so let's hope that it continues along more of a upward trajectory and creates more of a magical spark to let us know that have really arrived on the scene.



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