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Heart = Weapon by Every Move A Picture

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Reviewed on 5th June 2006.


Heart = Weapon

By Every Move A Picture

It seems that for every excellent darkwave indie infused rock band that have turned up on the mainstream's doorway in recent years, a veritable backlog of similar, wholly uninspiring bands have formed a bottleneck behind them. Right now, Every Move A Picture are clambering straight over the top of this claustrophobic shambles of skinny jeans and hair that requires scaffolding to prepare and aiming for that little chink of light just above Editors and Interpol's collective heads.

For Every Move A Pictures debut album 'Heart = Weapon' it will be a hard task to get heard, never mind get off the shelves. A travesty of musical justice it won't be, but once again it's the same old story of please show something different or you may be disappointed.

'Heart = Weapon' is a very listenable album, you could go as far as to say there isn't a weak song on offer. The odd bit of filler yes, but in conjunction with the scene as a whole, for every bit of meandering, indistinguishable indie pop there are a good couple of perfect examples of this style done very, very well. For instance tracks like 'Signs Of Life' and 'Chemical Burns' have choruses to die for, and with the leisurely sprinkled about doses of keyboard wizardry, Every Move A Picture do appear to have their stuff together and the potential to find their own niche and really attempt to create something better than the ordinary. But unfortunately, looking at the album as a whole and having witnessed them live, the chances of  longevity are very much limited.

If you're loyal to darkwave indie and are craving for something of Division 1 standard before the 'next big thing' comes along, you could do a lot worse that Every Move A Picture.



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