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Reviewed on 6th June 2006.



By Them Amazing Babies

Well what can a poor boy do, except to sing for a rock 'n' roll band. Them Amazing Babies may have found a way to relieve their small-town, post-uni boredom but they've inspired some for me. The five tracks of guitars plus wailing featured are at times technically competent but more often than that they're unexceptional.

Opener "My Procrastinating Brain" is a bloated five and half minutes of dirge. Track four, "Vampire Girl Ate My Heart Out", continues along similar lines; four guys aping The Vines who were aping Nirvana.

In between, things improve somewhat. On "Crazy In The Head" singer Ben Pearson displays some fashionable North East dialect on a profanity laden verse capped by the line, "She likes to swear a lot / As do I." Total Bob Mortimer. Next is "Agrophobe", a wry take on the digital age with bare guitar accompaniment. This time Pearson assumes a Johnny Cash drawl, "Well I just saved the world again / And I got it on the hardest setting."

I guess flaws are to be expected from a band whose biog includes the following style definition: "Them Amazing Babies music reflects the tedium of coming from a small town famous only for trains". Still it's not all self-abuse. Apparently they "formed Darlington in late 2004", so that's something to tell the grandkids.



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