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Girlfriend by The Darkness

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Reviewed on 7th June 2006.



By The Darkness

Here up on the cliff tops, clinging on by their fingernails, the wind whistling eerily past, is where we find Squawkin' Justin Hawkins and his merry men in mid-2006. It's perhaps a bit surprising that the sudden fall from grace of Lowestoft's finest has been even quicker than the rise which preceded it but really they've only got themselves to blame. First and foremost among the reasons is outright laziness and this third release from the "One Way Ticket To Hell And Back" album bears that out - a chugging formulaic The Darkness-by-numbers song which suggests they simply can't be bothered to try anymore, a sad truth borne out by the fact that they've simply padded this single out with a half-arsed remix on the B-side (always the sign of a band flat out of new ideas).

Personally, if I were one of the Hawkins brothers, I'd take a look around at some of the newer glam-influenced groups who've started making waves in the past few months (Towers of London, Red Star Rebels, Jack Viper, Wolfmother, Phluid, take your pick basically) who do the same sort of thing but with a lot more youthful energy and without that annoying arched eyebrow. Then I'd lick my wounds, go back to the drawing board suitably fired up and come back with all guns blazing for the next album determined to ram the critics' words back down their throats. And, sneer all you want NME readers, but I genuinely believe The Darkness are capable of that if they can rekindle that fire in their bellies. However, the fact that as I write this, this single has limped its way into the charts at number 39 before disappearing with an anvil round its neck suggests to me that they're unlikely to get that second chance. A shame but, as I said earlier, they've really only got themselves to blame for letting things come to this.

The fingernails slip... they can't hold on anymore... AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!



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