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Progress Reform by iLiKETRAiNS

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Reviewed on 23rd June 2006.


Progress Reform


Leeds' noisemongerers iLiKETRAiNS have always cut somewhat of a unique, solitary, some may say lonely figure amongst the trends of music and fashion. With their Victorian onstage railwaymen attire and their insistence on creating huge, gloomy intricately weaved together ice cold guitar sounds and standing-at-deaths-door vocals they're not exactly going to be looming out from the front cover of NME anytime soon. They've never played to fads, but now with "Progress/Reform" it's likely the audience will come to them.

"Progress/Reform" could ruin a night out before it's even begun, it could turn the brightest sunny day into the blackest of nights and convince Mickey Mouse to wear a big 'ol trenchcoat and comb the streets looking to score. It's the most scintillating downer you'd never wish on your worst enemy. But, by God, is it good. Monstrous assortments of riffs and strings strike out from every pour and vocalist Dave Martin's voice absolutely cascades and envelopes you in a sheer nightmare of unimaginable torment. "I've led these men to their demise" beckons the album's opener 'Terra Nova', I think you just might have.



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