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The Party Sounds Of Grandmaster Gareth by Grandmaster Gareth

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Reviewed on 2nd July 2006.


The Party Sounds Of Grandmaster Gareth

By Grandmaster Gareth

Give this man a minute and he'll give you a melody. He'll give you a surreal story in sixty seconds. He'll even give you a bonus track that's half as long as the album itself! It's funky, it's twisted, it's like The Avalanches with ADD... welcome to The Party Sounds of Grandmaster Gareth...

You've never heard anything like this before - thirty minute-long tunes with bleeps, crackles, gurgles, springs and things - It's finger-food for audio munchers everywhere.

Most of the tunes involve some sort of sample from kids TV or cheesy American kitsch, and it's fun to pick through the tracks and hear tiny doses of Eric Idle, Mr Benn and Matthew Corbett and Sweep (Sooty might have been on it too, but you'd never be able to tell).

Opener 'Ignition' introduces the twisted genius Grandmaster Gareth (sounding like a distorted Stephen Hawking) and his band, Birmingham oddballs - Misty's Big Adventure. It sounds like thunderbirds, then the beginning of some rubbish 70s quiz show, with a dash of Gershwin's 'Rhapsody in Blue' thrown in. And things haven't even started to get weird yet...

There are some classic moments, notably 'Problem' which has a rhythm reminiscent of Big Brovaz 'Nu Flow', 'The really rubbish super heroes' with its Brummy twang and plonky xylophone, and 'This sounds like orange' which, inexplicably, does just that. There are elements of everything here, from jazz to samba to drum 'n' bass to rock and the occasional sinister fairground organ.  You'll find yourself laughing, dizzy, confused and nodding your head, all in equal measure.

There's even room for some political rhetoric on 'Knucklehead' (which mocks George Bush's attempts to blow up the planet) and somewhere near the end of the epic bonus track where the lyrics of 'all things bright and beautiful' are warped to hilarious effect.

A good proportion of these tracks are little nuggets of comedic, musical majesty and even though a few snippets seem to miss the mark, they're never long enough to get annoying in any case. If only all album filler was as short, we'd all be laughing. As it is, many of these tunes leave you hungry for more.



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