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Kezia by Protest The Hero

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Reviewed on 19th July 2006.



By Protest The Hero

Protest The Hero could have played this oh so simpler. Vocalist ... high pitched wail of a voice would no doubt have suited any number of identikit extremo songs that could have been cobbled together in a matter of minutes. The guitarists show such technical aptitude that relaying textbook guitar parts would no doubt have been second nature. But it's of great credit to the band that they've instead opted to stretch their talents and sound to create the near overwhelming hardcore slaughterhouse that is debut album 'Kezia'.

The most striking aspects of the album are no doubt the staggeringly complicated frettery and some of the most falsetto vocals sang with the minimalist of irony that have ever been put to record. Thirdly, it soon becomes apparent that this is a very unpredictable collection of songs. With pace changes mincing hardcore chuggery with soaring choruses within a matter of moments. As such at times the record finds it hard to carry much momentum and comes across as a tad disjointed. However in turn every song hits with a freshness and zest that few manage to emulate. And let's be honest with the amount of generic tat being hoarded around, having these qualities is nothing short of a miracle.

When Protest The Hero match the chaos with a well executed song formation, they prove to be a very fine band indeed. Namely the two most proficient attempts prove to be 'Blindfolds Aside' (encompassing both female vocals and an acoustic guitar to great contrasting effect) and 'Turn Soonest To The Sea' (featuring at least half a dozen huge breakdowns and spoken word parts that lead up to them) which both hint at great things for a band that have garnered an increasingly hyperbolic live reputation.

With a bit more organisation to go on top of the intensely talented musician pool Protest The Hero have to play with, the hardcore, hi-tech metal genre may be theirs for the taking.



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