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Image N All The People EP by Whiskycats

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Reviewed on 21st July 2006.


Image N All The People EP

By Whiskycats

Amazing. Amazing. Okay I'll say it again: amazing. Not of course to go on about the unsigned thing at all... but some record exec out there is really missing out!

Whiskycats are jazz without the pretence; improvising [it seems] to their very best as the music they make and sounds so natural. I also find the distinctive lack of lyrics on both 'Everybody's Falling Out' and 'Steady Freeloader' incredibly refreshing.

'Everybody's Falling Out' is fantastic: just the great start to an EP and indeed a toast to summer itself! The band capturing the exact essence of the heat adding to the fraying beer-fuelled tempers; and ooh Felix Hughes' saxophone fusing together with Dave Chapman's trumpet *swoon*!

"Offensive/ You're always pensive" sings Matthew Whitaker soothingly into my ear near the beginning of 'Steady Freeloader'. "What's yours is mine" quite simply guaranteeing the band another obsessive [strictly professional!] fan.

'La Dee Da' a title highlighting the pretentiousness of their chosen genre that Whiskycats cleverly ensure they bypass. Probably too my favourite track enticing me so with a triumphant typically jazzy start.

Hmm what's that sound, "Plasticine Magazine"? Well either way it's a fabulous and victorious ending to a fucking magnificent new release.

Go on: jump on the bandwagon.



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