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Untitled by Stickboy

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Reviewed on 24th July 2006.



By Stickboy

After making waves in his hometown of Manchester with several previous demos, Stickboy (the alias of Craig Edmonson) throws down another DIY folk release.

This untitled release doesn't just stop at the title; all the tracks are left untitled making it difficult to single out specific tracks as front-runners. But it's the blank canvas that forces you to look at the bigger picture (which to be fair, makes my job a great deal easier).

Stickboy's lyric writing is often gloomy but accessible and reasonably accomplished. The sweet, breathy and treated vocals tell the story, whilst dreamy acoustic tones provide the backbone. But beyond the typical folk conventions is a wealth of varied instrumentation, drums, electric guitar, bass, and strings (among many others).

This demo was recorded within the confounds of Craig Edmonson's home, and whilst the production isn't horrendous, the DIY approach does bare its knuckles. The drums are often distorted, and the vocals are a tad thick and over-treated, which does become a little off-putting. And in the end, You can't help but feel that this demo would have benefited from some professional assistance in the engineering department.

Not bad, but could do better.



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