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All In My Head by Good Shoes

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Reviewed on 24th July 2006.


All In My Head

By Good Shoes

The contagious summer smile is amongst us, the festivals are selling the best flat beer money can buy, and the roads are melting beneath our feet. Who can be unhappy with the summer at the moment?

But South London's Good Shoes are here to make it that little bit better, not content with enjoying the fruits of their phenomenal successes they have written another faced paced ditty this time about teenage confusion and apathetic mood swings. Sounding like Vicky Pollard doing a cabaret style strop with Rhys Jones' spitting his youthful and swaggering lyrics "I'm a talented artist but my heart's not in it / I'm a good shag but I find nobody fit", it's a song that edges on arrogance one second and insecurity the next.

All In My Head fuses together juttering stop-start drums, stuttering vocals and an opening guitar riff that sounds suspiciously like Super Mario (no seriously, listen!), with shambolic outbursts of ecstatic guitar boogie at the end. This style that Good Shoes has adopted and sharpened over the last few months has now placed them highly amongst critics. With a sound that's quintessentially British and curiously awkward, it captures the sub-cultured, wise-cracking youth of today.



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