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Diet Pills and Magazines by Humanzi

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Reviewed on 26th July 2006.


Diet Pills and Magazines

By Humanzi

In an age where the youth of Ireland is represented by a white rapper called Squirrel, who is currently 'starring' in Big brother 23, it's good to know there are four lads from Dublin ready to push the worlds material obsession back down its throat.

'Diet Pills & Magazines' is a dirty stomping, angry rocker that laments societies obsession with spending 40 on a haircut and having designer labels sewn into our souls. It sounds like Primal Scream's 'Rise' covered by an angry Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, building and building into a frenzy with the chorus ('This is the shit so get used to it, This is the shit you've got to live with) burning itself into your memory.

If Humanzi keep tracks like this coming they can be huge. This song alone has all the marks of an alternative anthem for the unsatisfied youth.

Drop the pills, sack the mags, defy the adverts and join Humanzi in rearranging the mentality of the world before it's too late!



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On 28th July 2006 at 01:21 Anonymous 5619 wrote...

Really don't like this band.
...and isn't that bloke called Spiral?



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