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Suburban Kings by Rosemary

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Reviewed on 6th August 2006.


Suburban Kings

By Rosemary

Tonight Matthew, Rosemary are feeling a bit catchy...

So catchy in fact that they could turn Monty Panaesar into an expert... err.. catcher. Championed by XFM (isn't everyone?), Rosemary come armed with some hot tune action. 'Suburban Kings' is the tune in question, and it's a creamer. Seemingly fuelled by a desire to make people jive Wizard style, Rosemary manage to chuck around vocal and melodic ingredients to make a lovely musical pie.

Mmm, delicious!

Sure, it'll get all the saddo writers making lazy Arctic Monkehs comparisons (see me on Hit and Runs review...) which is unfair on Rosemary considering the Sheffield boys are the people's choice band of the year. However, while the Arctics are the aborted wank on indie's landscape, Rosemary are the full on shag.

Mmm, raw!

B Side '...For He's Blue' isn't bad either. A pulsating thrust accompanied by another intriguing vocal makes for a tune that could easily be an A Side. All good then. Expect to hear from these boys in the Paolo Futre.

Mmm, success!



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