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Keep It Short And Keep It Simple by Futuro

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Reviewed on 12th August 2006.


Keep It Short And Keep It Simple

By Futuro


Wait, it sounds like Maroon 5.


Known in hip circles for my LURVE of ART ROCK! (not really scarf yielders) and Maroon 5 (of course, I love them. Uh uh uh.) here I am in heaven!

Okay, fair's fair. Futuro might sound like Adam Lavine's a 'bit heavier' wank-off side project, but they can carry a tune. Exit Sign begins like Supergrass' 'Caught By The Fuzz' before turning into a Bloc Party and Rakes face-off. "We may just as well except what we have become" sings Jon McKellan, and never has a truer word been spoken. Risen from the ashes of a previous incarnation, Kaiser Chiefs (sponsored by CITV) style, Futuro sound incredibly new. There is ambition, but it's hardly genre smashing, as a whole load of ART ROCK! influences hammer out at every turn. This isn't to say Futuro are not worth lending an ear to, however. The aforementioned Exit Sign is merely one out of three exceptionally intelligent and tight pieces of music. 'Next Time' follows, and is more of the same, with the Futureheads (ooh, I actually like them!!) being the major influence - 'Meantime' meets 'Le Garage'.

Closer 'Act Your Age' is another decent tune, this time reminiscent of Maximo Park cycling away from Hot Hot Heat after a heated argument about the best sauce to have on chips. "I think it's time to get a proper job and act my age" screams McKellen over an infectious indie refrain. Please don't - life will suck you up into an apocalyptic hell hole and cut you into little twiglets before spiting you out into a hellacious pit of fire, surrounded by death clones of the Toploader singer and Fearn Cotton.


The Futuro's bright, the futuro's in club NME.



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On 17th August 2006 at 09:28 Anonymous 4015 wrote...

First rule of critic journalism: never, ever, start by saying "I don't really like this sort of thing, but..." It makes me stop reading after your first couple of lines.


On 17th August 2006 at 14:17 Anonymous 30 wrote...

First person reviews suck - it's about the music not about you!


On 22nd August 2006 at 14:50 Anonymous 5643 wrote...

Ah, the rule book. Sorry, I've never seen it. Is there one?

To me there are no rules. Why should there be? Whether people like it or not, inside the review somewhere there is a fair assessment of Futuros music. I just try to be a little bit different, rather than leave a piss poor one paragraph 50 word assessment.

My main point here was me trying to explain the worth Futuro have in turning me on to their genre. I've read certain reviews that scream "I LOVE THIS BAND!!" without giving substance to the music and I was trying to do the opposite of that really.

Anyway, anyone deserves an opinion, so thanks for the feedback.


On 22nd August 2006 at 17:36 Anonymous 30 wrote...

You don't need a rule book



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