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Reviewed on 12th August 2006.



By Nature Has Patterns

For someone raised on guitar music, the whole concept of electronic music doesn't always sit well with me. Is it music at all? Is the skill of creating a tune a tune on your laptop comparable to that of playing a complex guitar part? A few years ago I wouldn't have given this offering by Huddersfield based producer/one-man-band, Nature Has Patterns, a second listen but these glorious, complicated pieces of music reaffirm my faith in validity of all things electronic, dubby, and a little bit experimental.

The first track 'Autodidactic' begins with a swirl of synths an string sounds which immediately transports you to wherever you'd like to be right now before a broken beat kicks in which sounds like so much like a strange, irregular heartbeat that it gives the track an almost organic feel. With my limited knowledge of experimental electronica, I'm not sure I can provide a comparison that will do this justice but the closest things I can compare it to is something like Kid-A era Radiohead or DJ Shadow. On his MySpace page he talks of being influenced by pictures and sketches, so I feel that in fact it probably doesn't really bare comparison to anything at all.

As the CD moves on to 'As The Sun Ticks' I'm treated to one of the most gorgeous intros to a tune I can remember hearing, with a pipe-organ-like sound over-ridden by a jangly synth line that sounds like your computers taken LSD and gone outside to watch the sun rise. This suddenly breaks into a much darker dub beat before resuming course with the sun firmly risen and the party in full swing. It's a bit like Aphex twin had a life-changing experience, moved back in with his mum and really calmed down a lot.

In short, I can't recommend this stuff enough, and even if you fall in the it's-not-music-it's-just-sounds camp, as I used to, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised. This has genuinely changed my perception of what you can create with a laptop computer and, if he can translate it to a live show I would pay good money to and experience it. Thoroughly recommended.



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