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Untitled by Nanas Revenge

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Reviewed on 14th August 2006.



By Nanas Revenge

Random lost souls have asked me "what's the future of Rock and Roll?", I said "I don't know, does it matter?" This and that scene sound all the same to me, neither much worse or much better...

Is it me or is originality a dying art? Even one of my favourite bands, ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead have resorted to making songs reminiscent of recent Oasis B sides. Covers of music magazines are filled with the same faces (see Q and, yaaawn, Madonna) and the sheer amount of influence over records and its lazy nature of application is just making me feel old.

Nanas Revenge don't exactly endear themselves to the concept of originality either. In merely six minutes of music, we endure every dish from the metal menu. With more gee-tar molesting than a Brian May fan club orgy, Nanas Revenge certainly know how to please the standard Red Leicester metallers among us. Everyone else however, is soundly obliterated from their party. It's as average as they come, and 'Major Tom' is the biggest culprit. At precisely one minute into the track, the band go off on a tangent, and it is here the children begin to mosh. Not entirely unexpected.

'Home And Away', is marginally better and employs a quiet/loud dynamic. All very well and good, but unlike Sonic Youth and Pixies, it's oh so predictable. Indeed, the only shock arrives when a long pause early in the song doesn't result in an ego-checking guitar fun fest. Shame.

Unfortunately, while Nanas Revenge do give an impression that they are capable of recording something striking, the frustrating factor is that these particular two tracks seem so bog standard and unambitious, almost happy to pass in one ear and go straight out of the other.

Revenge is discreet.



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On 30th August 2006 at 20:14 Anonymous 5931 wrote...

the reviewer really doesnt know what heavy metal is! and probably doesn't know about anythin past his own narrow genred taste in music. nanas revenge are charming northern monkeys that play "metal" (...punk!) with good melody, rythm and harmony nuff said x


On 3rd September 2006 at 14:49 Anonymous 5643 wrote...

Narrow genred taste in music?

You obviously don't know me. Get down to club NME or something then you'll see people with a 'narrow genred taste'.

I just didn't like the CD.


On 5th October 2006 at 11:29 Anonymous 6045 wrote...

Well said Dan Stirz!



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