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What A Fool by Helen Boulding

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Reviewed on 17th August 2006.


What A Fool

By Helen Boulding

I love this release.

Maybe it's because 'What a Fool' is exactly the track you need to hear after a few days spent in a miniscule hospital with a fluctuating temperature. Because it's the sort of song that reminds you that everything is all right with the world and that it's just fine to tell your impatient boss to go to hell. Because, because, because Boulding just has it; le je ne sais quoi; and this is merely the first song.

'Sleepwalking' is in a somewhat different direction as the artist almost whispers us into her next tale; cleverly showcasing her quieter vocal style. A story of a man who sent her sleepwalking as the title suggests, being in love whilst dreaming... altogether rather bizarre but great musical therapy too.

Boulding ends on a realistic and dreary note with the melancholic 'When I Let You Go', but hey nobody's happy all the time! 'I'm not the person you see / But you lost that chance when you hurt me' suggesting a lady changed for defence from a man she loved with unhappy results.

Full marks for reflecting all aspects of life in ten minutes and twenty seconds.



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