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Reviewed on 20th August 2006.


Lazy B TV

By Lazy B

Okay so generally people like to start with the good news first. The first single from Lazy B 'Underwear Goes Inside The Pants' is strong, political and at times laugh out loud funny. Continuing with the current stream of anti-Americanism it cover topics as diverse as the legalisation (or not) of marijuana, the media's portrayal of terrorism, the consumerists' reaction to homelessness, porn, Bill Gates and American obesity. The visceral social commentary is interspersed with humour which in turn makes 'Underwear' more accessible and the topic is changed quickly and frequently so the listener doesn't feel they are being attacked by endless ranting on the same topic for too long. The electro feel and low dirty beat give the impression that this is actually a song or a piece of musical poetry and the soulful feminine vocals are an occasional welcome break from the relentless aggressive tirade of discontentment and frustration. This is a great track and the only problem it poses is how many times you can play it before you become utterly sick of it, my guess is probably not many as it isn't really music. It might be protest poetry but unfortunately it will probably annoy the shite out of you after the 5th play rendering its message ultimately obsolete.

Bad news. 'Underwear' is really the only stand out track of the album. It is entirely formulaic, to the point that 'Facts Of Life' and 'We Only Read The Headlines' are almost exactly the same. They centre around some posh bird barking out the kind of random facts you get sent daily on your work email from your mate in sales who is also trying to avoid the all too familiar boredom. 'Elvis was originally blond', 'You eat 8 spiders in you lifetime' that sort of thing. A welcome distraction at work but you don't want to be paying for them in CD form.

The real problem is that this music/social commentary is really just a gimmick allowed to frolic about in a studio. At times it is just mindless monotone dialogue and cheesy soundbites for yoga fans and Ikea lovers. 'Underwear' is referred to as the 'Everybody's Free' for the 'must have generation'. The irony being that the rest of the album is really just a weak philosophy for the 'must have now' generation it is trying to critique. It is pretentious, mostly witless, becomes merely annoying and is way way too much of the same thing. Often it closely resembles elevator music and it isn't half as clever as it wants to be.

A nice idea but in reality it just doesn't work.



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