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Bridges by Jets Overhead

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Reviewed on 21st August 2006.



By Jets Overhead

As the heat of another summer fades away and the clouds roll in, Vancouver Island's Jets Overhead provide the perfect soundtrack to your new friend, the bittersweet malaise. They fuse the wistful, downbeat element of early Dandy Warhols records (less the postured sneering) and the more traditional West Coast country rock sound based on vocal harmonies. Think Flying Burrito Brothers. Think Eagles.

Lead singer Adam Kittredge's aching but pure tone is often echoed but comes alive most when offset and undercut by the more fragile Antonia Freybe-Smith. Whereas he typically plays the part of the abandoned lover, forlorn and growing sour, she senses the growing separation but cannot convince herself to retrace her steps. "Off in the distance / There's no assistance, straight" she worries to herself on 'Seems So Far', there's enough to suggest her past has forced her hand leaving him sitting at home waiting for her call ["That man called again baby / Told him that you weren't here."]. Tellingly there's no overlap between their stories apart from Kittredge's yearning ["Oh you seem so far away / Where'd you go my love again today?"].

And so it goes. Kittredge's bipolar reactions alternating between trying to get her back ('Shadow Knows') and scoffing at what she's become ("Lip-synch to her song / She's the only one who isn't singing along" from 'Life's A Song').

All of the tracks featured are strong enough to stand on their own as singles. 'Life's A Song' is the weakest but still catchy enough mainly due to its stomping drumline and falsetto vocals. Probably their best is 'Shadow Knows'. It starts out with a lone guitar, and they build it up piece-by-piece until Kittredge pops a vein and lets it bleed all over the chorus ["But I don't mind / I never do / Lost all of the time / I'm just like you"]. They lure you in on the promise of a good time and end up crying on your shoulder.

Before you know it September's here. I can't help being haunted by pangs of regret as Kittredge falls away, almost unable to complete his sentence: "Sitting here watching the sun go... Sitting here watching the sun go down." Tick tock.



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