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Crisis by Alexisonfire

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Reviewed on 25th August 2006.



By Alexisonfire

Spunky Canadian Punks Alexisonfire - that's pronounced Alexis On Fire, not Alex Is On Fire, apparently in tribute to the "famous" lactating contortionist stripper Alexis Fire, fact fans - return with their latest long player "Crisis". Incidentally, it's also the only album the five-piece have released to date with a title track on. Cracking stuff. Where would we be without PR blurbs, eh?

Alongside The Bled, Finch and The Used, Alexisonfire were one of the early wave of post-hardcore bands that emerged around five years ago, the still-twitching corpse of Nu-Metal allowing them easy passage to a public that had grown bored and disaffected with bands bloated on their own hype and ripped-off riffs. Nu-Metal had died simply because it chose not to progress, and it struck me whilst listening whilst listening to this release that some bands in the post-hardcore movement seem to be stagnating in a similar fashion.

"Crisis" isn't a bad album at all - however it just doesn't offer anything new that we haven't heard from this genre already. It all starts in a swashbuckling enough manner - the rootin' tootin' guitar lines and vocal histrionics of opener "Drunks, lovers, Sinners and Saints" is good for a jump around to, and superb lead single "This Could Be Anywhere In The World" takes the accolade for best song on the album, featuring an ice-cool chorus melody and jittery drum work.

However after this, everything seems to get a bit samey, many of the songs descending into clichéd screaming guff and middle-of-the-road riffola that seems de-jour these days. Not even the good "Keep It On Wax" can restore the equilibrium. There are some good parts, but not enough to make it a wholly memorable experience.

To be fair Alexisonfire aren't the only band that are playing it safe - there are quite a few other high-profile culprits that could be named and shamed. However, sometimes bands do need to re-invent themselves and push the boat out just a little, and Alexisonfire seem to be at that stage. It's better to burn out than fade away chaps.



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On 28th August 2006 at 19:12 Anonymous 5909 wrote...

this is a BAD fucking review!!! this cd is beyond amazing! it is terrific! when you get someone to review cds, maybe you should get someone that knows what they are talking about! everything about this album is increadable!!! the vocals from Dallas fucking Green (the best singer in the known world) are stellar, and Wade's vocals blend beautifully with Dallas'. George, the screamer has also grown emensely with their latest effort! you can also really notice the new drummer jordan "ratbeard" hastings, his drumming is great. the guitar work on this album, is really fitting to the songs, like the wicked guitar riff on the title track "crisis". the song is about a huge blizzard, and the guitar riff sounds like a great rockin' warnig thing, it's cool, and i love it. the cd is stellar! get it, don't trust this shit review, it gets 4.5 stars out of 5, and that's coming from a real mucisian!


On 28th August 2006 at 19:16 Anonymous 5909 wrote...

and i also noticed that it says they are playing it safe! how can a band that 's making such radical, non-radio friendly music play it safe? if they wanted to play it safe, they'd fire George, and get radio play. this is far from a safe effort:l


On 29th August 2006 at 20:51 Anonymous 3667 wrote...

Good evening you wassock. I would suggest that when offering feedback on a review you (a) learn how to spell so you don't appear as a contrite, clueless pleb and (b) offer something of rather more substance than "trust me- coming from a real "mucisian" (sic)".

Overall, the album isn't a bad effort (as you may have noticed I actually said, if you actually read the review) but ultimately too derivative, not ambitious or adventurous enough to be anything other than a alright attempt by a band riding on the coat-tails of a stale genre. Yup, and thats coming froma real musician



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